Data Integration/BI/ERP++/Workflow Implementations that are easily adapted to match your business needs
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Rapid Implementations
Evergreen Software
Superior Return on your Investment
Our Windfall Dev-Ops platform enables tailoring of your implemented solutions to match your business needs. You can leverage your existing investments and fill the gaps with partial or full implementations of our flexible and adaptable Business Growth Products
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Accelerated Implementations

High quality Enterprise solutions (Data Integration/ERP++/Workflow)  that are delivered very efficiently

Evergreen Implementations

Solutions (Data Integration/ERP++/Workflow) that easily adapt to changing functional and performance requirements.

Superior Return on Investment

Efficient solutions + low total cost of ownership + flexible, predictable pricing = Superior Return on Investment

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Using our flexible Windfall Business Components and Dev-Ops Platform we can quickly assemble solutions to fill the gaps in your organization, leveraging your existing investments, or replacing them with full solutions on one common platform. Our Windfall solutions include:

Business Growth Autopilot (Enterprise Workflow) - Modern, fresh and intuitive. With just a few simple clicks without any programming you can fully automate all your processes in your organization

Business Growth Engine Manufacturing, Retail and Distribution (ERP++) -  Modern Lean Manufacturing/Retail product built with the latest technology, offering an easy-to-use-interface which makes for a great user experience, a “forever” system you can finally love!

Business Growth Dev-Ops Engine Platform - Enabler for tailoring your implemented solutions so they match your business needs 

Business Growth Data (System/Data Integration and BI) - Easily integrate data from your existing system and put control back in your hands

Our innovative pricing model is simple, clear and eliminates your risks of going over budget

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