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Our talents and expertise encompass software and hardware systems architecture and engineering; processes; quality, program, and operations management; and client services.

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Our decades-long track record speaks for itself. We are proud of the enterprise solutions and sustained value we've created for each and every customer.

Company Milestones

Here are some key events in our company history.


January, 1996

ProQuality founded by Cristian Teodorescu, in Dallas, Texas.

1996 - 1999

ProQuality provides Enterprise Architecture and Custom Software Development services to U.S. Sprint, IP Communications, BNSF, Southwest Airlines, and American Airlines.


January,  2000

ProQuality quality management process highlights causal relationship between technology challenges and over-engineering contributing to enterprise solution in-efficiencies. This insight inspires the RELAX™ Thesis:

Abstracting technology from the development equation can reduce in-efficiencies and permit greater focus on solving the business problem.

June, 2000

Initial version of Relax platform delivered. RELAX™ 1.0 proved the thesis and succeeded in simplifying custom enterprise software development and DevOps by abstracting technology.

June, 2002

The first, large-scale, RELAX™ solution delivered: Student and Financial Commercial ERP system for K1-12 schools.

Coincident with initial deployment to several school districts, ProQuality announces Version Always - continuous update capability - allowing all school districts to automatically receive weekly production releases, keeping them consistently at the most recent version.

The system currently includes 5,000+ screens and database tables -- proof that RELAX™ allows enterprise projects to scale indefinitely in an efficient manner


June, 2005

ProQuality introduces the Solutions Catalog to further simplify, automate and accelerate custom development.

Patterns of problems are identified and the solution is then added to the catalog. The Solutions Catalog enables ProQuality to implement in minutes, solutions that normally would take a week.

June, 2007

ProQuality introduces the ERP Suite to bring RELAX™ efficiencies to Maxim (Dallas Semiconductors).

Prior to ProQuality, Maxim tried for 6 months and were stuck on the first product. ProQuality delivered the first module within 1 month and then completed the full suite of seven modules in less than 1 year.

June, 2009

ProQuality wins big - awarded deal for American Airlines’ Credit Card Processing System - against EDS, SAP and Lufthansa.

ProQuality wins highly contested bid to re-platform American Airlines’ Credit Card Processing System from PRAS mainframe to the RELAX™ Platform. The 14 month project was a huge success requiring only 3 days to switch all input sources (for refunds, billing, sales, and invoicing to all Credit Card companies) and SAP accounting interfacing to the new system. At the end of 3 days there were zero application defects recorded! 


June, 2011

ProQuality introduces simplified agile development process.

The ProQuality agile process has been perfected to greatly simplify the process of communicating and implementing custom requirements. With RELAX™, this process enables accelerated, weekly sprints that out-perform traditional agile processes.


June, 2015

ProQuality introduces Evergreen CAAS (Custom Applications As a Service) to further improve custom development ROI.

Evergreen CAAS combines the best features of custom development and software as a service (SAAS) with ProQuality Version Always capability and a simplified, adaptive pricing model that adapts to client economic considerations.

Evergreen CAAS pricing accommodates traditional project-based, ale-ala-carte pricing or monthly recurring, all-inclusive pricing (unlimited users and usage, app hosting, maintenance and enhancements) throughout the project life. Evergreen allows projects to be continuously updated for business requirements and technology changes.

Our 20-year history has been singularly focused on improving our capacity to deliver superior results at every stage.
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