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SRS Distribution wanted to differentiate themselves from their competitors and add value to their supplier and distribution supply chain. They chose to do so by providing web services and solutions to help automate and streamline processes. SRS had been working on various components for a year, using both outsourced development and internal resources but had made little progress.

Proof Of Concept - based Discovery Process eliminates ambiguities.
1-Week Agile Sprints delivers more adaptable and customer-responsive solutions.
Lifecycle Solution Management delivers Superior customer ROI.


Demonstrate that ProQuality could deliver the elusive portfolio of web services and supply chain automation solutions that SRS sought.


Deliver the web services and supply chain automation solutions required to meet SRS goals.

ProQuality Solution

The CIO of SRS Distribution met with ProQuality Solutions to get a better understanding of ProQuality services and explain their current projects and needs. After spending 5 minutes listening to the ProQuality value proposition, the CIO put PQ to the test. He gave them a problem to solve that had been plaguing his team for quite some time. ProQuality took the challenge and committed to producing a proof of concept.

In just a few days, ProQuality had not only solved the problem, but had produced a live, production-ready application interface.

SRS hired ProQuality Solutions and is now able to leverage the Relax™ Platform to design, build and customize their own solutions. This gives SRS the competitive advantage they need in the marketplace. The Relax Platform gives them technical flexibility, and they have the assurance that they can solve whatever problems arise in the future.

Integrated control

Trusted partner

Sustained value

From The Client

“As you may be aware I am highly impressed with PQ and your team. I’ve been involved in technology for about 16 years now, and your team is the real deal. I look forward to the future.”

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