We are proud of the value we have created for all of our customers. However, we measure ourselves by what each customer is willing to say about each of us and, and all of us collectively as a company. Success requires one thing: each customer views us -- not as a vendor -- but as a friend and valued partner.  

“Our requirement was to develop a CMMS for managing our PM activity and other aspects of our group. RELAX™/Windfall made this possible by allowing us to make on-the-fly changes to our design in a short time. I highly recommend RELAX™/Windfall for anyone requiring minimal development time, and minimal long-term maintenance.”
Florin S. Oprea
MAXIM - Dir. Equipment Engineering
“The RELAX/Windfall product has enabled Prologic to build TEAMS, a very sophisticated state of the art Commercial Student and Financial ERP System with fewer resources in a timely manner. With RELAX/Windfall we were able to quickly respond to our client’s needs and thus build durable long-term relationships.”
Jim Pepper
Prologic Technology Systems - Owner
“We appreciate the participation of ProQuality in the successful completion of the Abbott Site Survey project. Using ProQuality’s RELAX™ framework, we were able to develop the project with fairly complex requirements in a short period and within budget. We would definitely hire ProQuality again.”
Paula Biestek
Program Manager - Abbott Laboratories
“Within a week, ProQuality delivered a production-ready proof of concept that captured the attention of the VHA team. ProQuality then developed a SOX compliance application that allows VHA to cost effectively manage compliance and risk throughout the enterprise.”
Bill Dagle
VHA - Project Manager
“I’m not going to say a traditional 'thank you,' because that wouldn’t be adequate to express my appreciation for all you have done to complete this beast of an Integration project. You are an amazing team – it is my privilege to work with every one of you.”
R. F.
American Airlines - Project Manager
“As you may be aware I am highly impressed with PQ and your team. I’ve been involved in technology for about 16 years now, and your team is the real deal. I look forward to the future.”
Tom Townsend
SRS Distribution - Digital Innovation Director
“When I went to our current supplier and laid out our plan for the future, they showed no interest in helping us solve our problems. They did offer us additional modules that might work, but every module came with a steep price tag, a long learning curve and implementation process — but most of all, no true explanation of how it would solve our issues. Within 14 days, ProQuality presented a plan to build customized software for us that would fit our company like a hand in a glove. Wow, thank you ProQuality!”
Bill Schaad
Smith System - CFO